Many of you are growing your facial hair out but do you know why? No-Shave November has become a popular trend since the movement began in 2009. The non-profit began as an effort to raise cancer awareness by growing out the hair that many cancer patients lose through treatment, sparking conversation about the topic.

Similarly, the Movember movement involves men growing mustaches throughout the month in an effort to draw awareness to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention, some of the leading causes of death amongst men. The non-profit has set a goal of reducing men’s premature death rate by 25% between now and 2030.

Growing your facial hair is an easy way to participate but if you are looking to help the cause in a deeper way, try some of these:

Participants are encouraged to donate to or the Movember Foundation. Both organizations allow you to see where your money is going. To make a larger donation, ask your employer to match you!

Go to and register to create your own fundraising page or create your own using your favorite crowdfunding site.

Tell Your Friends
Use social media to spread information regarding cancer, men’s health, mental health and how others can help or participate in the campaign.

Host An Event
Whether it’s a concert, tournament, race, or any other event that sparks your interest, use your talent to organize one to raise even more money.

Do An Industry Challenge
The Movember Foundation offers a variety of challenges for those in different industries. Some examples include healthcare, construction, financial services, etc. Checkout their web site for the details.

While supporting the cause, please don’t let your self go or use it as an excuse to reach caveman status! That beard/mustache you are growing will need some love and care. For those of you in the Portland, Maine area who can’t let your beard get squirrely due to your workplace, come into The Blind Pig Barber Company in The Old Port for a quick beard trim to get through the month while still looking dapper. You can also stop in to pick up some Brethren Beard Oil to keep your new look soft and manageable. Be sure to take advantage of our other services to continue feeling cared for such as an Executive Cut to balance your new face shape or a Hand Detail.

Finally, our appointment slots will fill quickly when all of the men you know who participated will decide to shave as soon as the month comes to an end and as the holidays approach, so be sure to get ahead of the game and book yours now! Appointments can be made via phone or online.