Despite the cold winters in Portland, Maine and throughout the rest of the state this time of year, spring is surprisingly almost here.  With warmer weather just around the corner it’s about time for that yearly personal overhaul in preparation for the seemingly distant warm, sunny days ahead.  For months you may have just let things go due to feeling the cold and spending more time indoors.  Throughout the winter many of you have come into The Bling Pig Barber Company and just had a beard trim here and there, or trimmed a tiny bit off the ends or the top, but it’s almost time to do the big spring cleanup!

We Want To See Your Face
A lot of men grow out their beards all winter.  Some for warmth during winter sports or jobs that require them to be outside.  For others it’s just an excuse not to shave because it’s a downright pain.  And some prefer the look of a beard but can’t handle having it in the heat of the summer.  We know you are attached to it at this point, but if you are feeling it’s time to say ‘goodbye’, at The Blind Pig we offer a hot lather shave.  You can start from scratch, treat yourself, and for those who are attached, you can take the leap somewhat ceremoniously in the best way possible.   If you truly can’t commit to the change, you can work towards it gradually with a hot lather beard trim.

…And A Cut To Match
You have kept up with your hair a little more than the beard but with a fresh shave it would make sense to have a clean haircut to match.  Why not use this as an opportunity to try something new or make a dramatic change?  Is there a style you have always wanted to try?  Have you seen a haircut that you admired and want to sport yourself?  Our executive and express cuts allow time for a consultation to talk about a new cut or, when making your appointment, let the front desk know you are considering a dramatic change so they can allot the time necessary to make it happen.

The Final Touch
We all know that winter dries out our skin but did you know that we offer men’s facials?  According to the New York Daily News, 20% of men between the ages of 18 and 34 have joined the growing trend of getting facials. Men’s skin needs just as much care as women’s to prevent signs of aging and alleviate dry, dead skin.  By the end of your experience your face will be exfoliated and moisturized, making your skin feel brand new and giving a clean start just before all that time you are about to have in the sun.

We look forward to seeing you soon for your spring cleanup!  Call us to schedule your appointment or pop in and check our availability.

Avril Williams